Unexpected Understanding

Published: October 11th 2017

For centuries, if not millennia, all the various people have been struggling to live together on this planet. Unfortunately, this has often result in violent conflicts, with different ideological, ethnic or religious groups clashing over power, resources or territory. A quick look at the news sadly reveals that this still…

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Volunteer Vacancy – Archival Work

Published: October 9th 2017

Join the Expatriate Archive Centre as part of our volunteer team! Archival Volunteer: Introduction: The Expatriate Archive Centre (EAC) collects, registers and preserves original source material documenting the social history of expatriate life. The Centre is based in The Hague (Archipel area) and has a small, dedicated staff. We are…

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Culture Shock in a Globalised World

Published: October 3rd 2017

It is evident that the process of globalisation is now affecting even the most remote parts of this planet. Because of the advancements in transportation and communication technologies, the world is becoming an increasingly smaller place. Fifty years ago, it could take days to send a letter from The Hague…

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The Exception to the Rule

Published: September 26th 2017

Looking back five years can be just as rewarding as looking back a century. To this end, the EAC continues to collect materials about the lives of current expats, using the increasing possibilities of the digital and social media. Gathering these sources might not only safe these experiences for future…

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The Paradox of History

Published: September 20th 2017

The documents of the EAC allow one to access a world different from our own. If there is one lesson to be learnt from history, it is that mankind is anything but static. During the last hundred years, our way of life has been changing over and over again, making…

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