Book Review: “Love Across Borders” by Ellettha Schoustra

May 14th 2013

This book is a must for Western women who are about to get married to a man from a non-Western patriarchal culture, and who intend to get established in the home country of their prospective husband – in particular, when the foreign husband comes from a culture where family law, perception of religion and values are different than in Western countries.

In principle, the bases of good family relations are the same in all cultures. Love, mutual support, protection of the weaker and more vulnerable members of the family, tolerance and loyalty: all over the world wellbeing and harmony are based on these principles. But this does not mean that interpretation of these principles is the same all over the world. On the contrary, how a harmonious day-to-day family life looks differs from culture to culture. Getting acquainted with her husband’s family life can be a culture shock for a Western bride.

Export Brides by Ellettha Schoustra

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Symposium 2013 – The Expatriate Experience: Past and Present

May 1st 2013

On its fifth anniversary, the Expatriate Archive Centre had great pleasure in hosting a symposium on expatriation from a historical perspective and the role of private documents in research on migration history. The Expatriate Experience: Past and Present was held on 1 April, 2013 in The Hague, the Netherlands

Until now, most research on migration can be found in the area of the social sciences. However, the unique experiences of skilled migrants (or expatriates) specifically, have had less attention in historical research. Skilled migration is currently a major trend amongst migration patterns and this symposium aims to spotlight the potential for historical research. In a plenary session and different workshops we studied the potential research issues in this day symposium.

Symposium Information

About the Expatriate Archive Centre

A young but rapidly expanding archive, the Expatriate Archive Centre documents the global social history of expatriate life with collections describing expatriate experiences dating from as early as the 1890s. Private archives consisting of journals, letters, diaries, film and photographs form the basis of the collection.

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