Our Mission

To collect and preserve the life stories of expatriates worldwide for future research.

Our Objectives

  • To curate and preserve unique source material documenting the experiences of expatriates of all nationalities and backgrounds;
  • To establish a centre of excellence for expatriation research;
  • To give the life stories of expatriates their rightful place in global migration history.

The EAC exists to facilitate quality research that promotes and enhances a better understanding of expatriate life. We are located in The Netherlands but have a global outreach. We count more than 130 family archives from 14 nationalities in 120 countries in our holdings, and we hope to add many more in the coming years.

Research topics and conclusions are not opinions held by the EAC but are the sole ownership of the researcher.

To learn more about us and how we work, read our annual reports.

The EAC Newsletter is sent out twice a year and offers our subscribers an insight into our recent activities. If you wish to take a closer look at what we do, we encourage you to take a moment to browse the previous editions. Would you like to receive the next one? Sign-up for our semi-annual newsletter!

Who We Are

The Expatriate Archive Centre is run by an enthusiastic team of staff and volunteers. Our staff are:


Kristine Racina


Myrthe Korf


George Looms

Assistant Archivist

Indrė Urbonaitė

PR Manager

Sascha Hutchings

Office Manager

Board of Trustees

  • Han Kooij (Chair)
  • Piet van Erk (Treasurer)
  • Tasoula Georgiou Hadjitofi (Nominations Committee)
  • Tom Moody-Stuart
  • Deepak Raghunath 
  • Henk van Hout 

We like to be clear in our objectives, accomplishments, and responsibilities as a non-profit archive. All of our annual reports are online for anyone to review. They can be viewed on the EAC Annual Reports page.


Our Volunteers

The Expatriate Archive Centre is fortunate to be supported by a group of dedicated volunteers of many different nationalities. Are you interested in joining them? Find out more about volunteering with us.


The idea for an archive dedicated to preserving the life stories of expatriates grew from two books published in the 1990s. A group of wives of employees of Royal Dutch Shell collected material for these two anthologies from Shell families all over the world. The original material was stored but not forgotten: in 2003 the Outpost Family Archive was opened in The Hague to continue the work that had been started by the “Shell Ladies Project.” The archive became independent from Shell in 2008 and renamed the Expatriate Archive Centre.

Today the archive continues with the mission to archive the life stories of expats and their families from all backgrounds and from anywhere in the world. Our current holdings contain more than 130 family archives, 14 different nationalities, and 18 languages from 120 countries.

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