About Us

a home for expat life stories


Our Mission

To collect and preserve the life stories of expatriates worldwide for future research.

Our Objectives

  • To curate and preserve unique source material documenting the experiences of expatriates of all nationalities and backgrounds;
  • To establish a centre of excellence for expatriation research;
  • To give the life stories of expatriates their rightful place in global migration history.

Who We Are

The Expatriate Archive Centre is run by an enthusiastic team of staff and volunteers. Our staff are:

Kristine Racina

Eva Barbisch

Kelly Merks
PR Manager

Fadime Uzun
Office Manager

Board of Trustees

  • Han Kooij (Chair)
  • Kees de Groot (Treasurer)
  • Judy Moody-Stuart (Chair Nominations)
  • Tasoula Georgiou Hadjitofi (Member Nominations)
  • Paulo Arias (Shell)
  • Bettine van der Heijden (Global Outpost Services)
  • Meghann Ormond (Academic)


Elizabeth Emmerson, Chief Archivist for the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals in The Hague, advises the EAC in a personal capacity.

Our Volunteers

The Expatriate Archive Centre is fortunate to be supported by a group of dedicated volunteers of many different nationalities. Are you interested in joining them? Find out more about volunteering with us.


We are always interested in collaborating with other organisations and companies. If you have a project idea, please contact us.

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The Expatriate Archive Centre is a proud member of the following organisations:



The idea for an archive dedicated to preserving the life stories of expatriates grew from two books published in the 1990s. A group of Shell wives collected material for these two anthologies from Shell families all over the world. The original material was filed away, but had not been forgotten – in 2003 the Outpost Family Archive was opened in The Hague to continue the work that had been started by the Shell Ladies Project. The archive became independent in 2008, renamed as the Expatriate Archive Centre, with the mission to archive the life stories of expats and their families from all backgrounds and from anywhere in the world.

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