Archiving Process

We handle all source material with utmost care and attention following a structured procedure. The main steps are:
1. Selecting: Once you have expressed your interest in contributing material to the Expatriate Archive Centre (EAC), we will contact you to learn more about your collection. Depending on the type, size and location of your collection we can meet either at the EAC, visit you at home or get in touch via email or telephone. We will carefully review all your material together, discuss what will happen to it and how it will be used. Once you have decided to donate your collection, we will ask you to sign an agreement.
2. Shipping: Depending on the type, size and location of your collection there are different shipping options. You can deliver your collection in person. If circumstances don’t allow you to do so and you have something small to send, we can refund your postage. For larger collections, we can use ULSI Logistic Services, a moving company that will pick up and transport your material to the EAC free of charge. We will make arrangements with Voerman on your behalf. Transfer of digital material will be discussed separately.
3. Sorting: Once your collection has been received, we will process the material with the assistance of our team of volunteers. Everything gets sorted, catalogued and described individually, respecting the original order and context of the source material. This information is recorded in Adlib, the archival software that we use.
4. Scanning: The documents get carefully scanned and saved. Every donor can ask for a digital copy of their collection. The originals are stored in special acid-free boxes in climate-monitored conditions.
If you have any questions about our archival process please contact us.

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