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16 May 2023
Expatriation: Sea as Refuge
  As I began to explore the 2015 exhibition, Expat Impression of The Hague, immediately I was drawn to the board titled, The Beach. Being from Cornwall in... read more
1 May 2023
New Horizons
  During my internship at the Expatriate Archive Centre, I created an inventory for a small but fascinating family archive. It featured correspondence... read more
19 December 2022
Unsaid Things, Unwritten Words. The Language of Motherhood
  As I delve into the collection of family correspondence at the archive, I inhabit a familiar role: observer, holder of family secrets, empathetic... read more
29 November 2021
EDAC Meeting 2021 Report
  by Flavia Giuffra Members of the European Ego-Documents Archive and Collections Network (EDAC) convened for a virtual meeting on 25 September 2021. The... read more
22 September 2021
Unforgettable Syria
This article is based on the travels of a family and an individual whose personal archives are in our collection. The article was translated into French and... read more
7 June 2021
EAC Donor Reflection
We are reflecting on the years the EAC has spent collecting and preserving life stories of expatriates worldwide and celebrating people who have played an... read more
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