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13 August 2019
Am I an expat?: Reflections from an EAC intern
Simon Taylor is a graduate student of Heritage Studies at the University of Amsterdam and recently finished a six-month internship with the Expatriate Archive... read more
26 June 2019
How Archives Preserve, Why Archives Preserve
On 19 June 2019, Expatriate Archive Centre staff, volunteers, and interns were treated to a restoration workshop at and tour of the Rotterdam City Archives... read more
4 April 2019
The Importance Of Researching Expatriate Spouses
Mathilde Bernard is a master's student of Global History and International Relations at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Mathilde has been researching the... read more
6 March 2019
Is The Art Of Letter Writing Dying?
By Alan Chabot I began my studies at the Expatriate Archive Centre, like a lot of researchers, not exactly knowing what I’d find. Within 10+ family archives... read more
29 November 2018
Keeping Blogs Alive
The Expatriate Archive Centre (EAC) is an independent non-profit foundation. We aim to collect and preserve expatriate life stories, regardless of a person’s... read more
27 November 2018
Looking for 'Life on the Move' and 'Life Now' contributors
By Peter Emmerson In the light of recent changes to European data protection legislation, the Expatriate Archive Centre (EAC) would like to contact any... read more