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17 October 2018
Do Archives have a Place in the Digital Era?
By George Karakostas Living in the 21st century, it should come to no one’s surprise that the internet has provided an abundance of information for anyone... read more
20 September 2018
Stuk van het Jaar 2018: Every Tea Bag Counts!
Vote here for the Expatriate Archive Centre in this year's Stuk van het Jaar competition! Stuk van het Jaar, or Piece of the Year, is an online public event... read more
31 July 2018
Examining History through Travelers’ Memories
by George Karakostas During my time as an intern at the Expatriate Archive Centre, I was given the opportunity to examine and work on a wide range of different... read more
21 June 2018
Curated Selves and the Future Archive
by Angelos Stratis  During my internship at the Expatriate Archive Centre, I mainly focused on examining stories of persons living and working away from their... read more
9 November 2017
How will the ‘Digital Age’ affect future perceptions of the now?
My experiences so far working at the EAC have led me to examine an array of fascinating stories detailing the lives of families and individuals living and... read more
1 November 2017
An Outsider's Insider Perspective
Aside from their own personal and professional life, expats also write down their observations of the foreign countries they are residing in. This way, they... read more