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7 June 2013
Celebrating the Importance of Archives on International Archives Day 2013
In recognition of International Archives Day on 9 June 2013, all archivists in the Netherlands are signing the Universal Declaration on Archives, a statement... read more
4 March 2013
What Do You Miss From Your Expat Life?
As a repatriate, what strange thing do you suddenly find yourself missing from your ex-expat country? — Expat Archive Centre (@xpatarchive) Many expats know... read more
18 February 2013
Send Your Expat Memories to Us for Free Via Voerman
This week were delighted to receive our first ever delivery for the Archive delivered by Voerman International removals. The collection came from the UK, but... read more
7 January 2013
Make a Resolution to Preserve Your Expat Paper Trail
At expat fairs we often hear from people with very different approaches to managing all that paperwork and assorted ephemera that accumulates while living... read more
17 December 2012
Winter at the Expatriate Archive Centre
Winter is a time for celebration and reflection. We recently had our end-of-year lunch for staff, volunteers and board members, and it was wonderful to see so... read more
10 September 2012
Expat Poem at the European Life I Live Festival
When we were invited to take part in a "two minutes of fame" segment during The Hague's European Life I Live Festival, we started searching our archives for... read more