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«Curated Selves and the Future Archive»

Published: June 21st 2018

by Angelos Stratis  During my internship at the Expatriate Archive Centre, I mainly focused on examining stories of persons living and working away from their country of origin. These stories were primarily documented in forms such as handwritten diaries, photos, scrapbooks or letters. However, nowadays, the ways we document our…

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How will the ‘Digital Age’ affect future perceptions of the now?

Published: November 9th 2017

My experiences so far working at the EAC have led me to examine an array of fascinating stories detailing the lives of families and individuals living and working abroad. A large proportion of these stories come from handwritten diaries, photographs, and written correspondence, produced before the boom of the digital…

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An Outsider’s Insider Perspective

Published: November 1st 2017

Aside from their own personal and professional life, expats also write down their observations of the foreign countries they are residing in. This way, they provide an interesting outsider’s perspective on the local politico-economic situation and culture. But perhaps this is not the best way to describe their accounts. After…

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Unexpected Understanding

Published: October 11th 2017

For centuries, if not millennia, all the various people have been struggling to live together on this planet. Unfortunately, this has often result in violent conflicts, with different ideological, ethnic or religious groups clashing over power, resources or territory. A quick look at the news sadly reveals that this still…

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Culture Shock in a Globalised World

Published: October 3rd 2017

It is evident that the process of globalisation is now affecting even the most remote parts of this planet. Because of the advancements in transportation and communication technologies, the world is becoming an increasingly smaller place. Fifty years ago, it could take days to send a letter from The Hague…

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