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14 February 2012
Book Review: “Drums on the Night Air” by Veronica Cecil
Veronica paints a vivid picture of her move to the Congo, with her husband and one year old son, in the 1960’s. Trying to forget her own experiences as... read more
2 February 2012
Book Review: “The Mission of Detective Mike Moving Abroad”
In the expatriates’ on-the-move life, people often have to deal with all sorts of distressful situations concerning logistical and economic aspects or... read more
22 March 2011
Book Review: “Tropical Affairs” by Robert Raymer
Narrative essays collected into a book are a little like the predecessor to modern blogging. Robert Raymer’s “Tropical Affairs”, a collection... read more
15 March 2011
Book Review: “The Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition”
A must read for all expats and their kids who see the World as their only home. This is one of the latest additions to our reference library. With thanks to... read more
10 February 2011
Book Review: “The Art of Possibilities”
Book review: The Art of Possibilities – Creating our path in an international mobile life The Art of Possibilities aims to turn all challenges that... read more
1 July 2010
Book Presentation of Cherry Denman “Diplomatic incidents, memoirs of an undiplomatic wife”
The Expatriate Archive Centre is delighted to announce that they will purchase Cherry Denman’s first book “Diplomatic incidents, memoirs of an... read more