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We live our lives online at an increasing pace. Blogs have become an important tool for expatriates to keep in touch with family and friends, as well as document and share their experiences with other communities. Researchers and academics working on expatriate studies are increasingly searching for blogs that offer in-depth insights into the everyday lives of expats. The EAC is looking for insightful and articulate blogs to include in an ambitious and exciting project that creates a digital collection of expatriate life.

Why Archive Blogs?

There are many reasons why a blog may cease to exist, and rarely is there discussion about the consequences of these disappearing blogs.
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How Does Blog Archiving Work?

Learn about our digital archiving process, where information about archived blogs is stored, and more.
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Submitting Your Blog

We want to archive blogs that centre the daily lives and everyday experiences of expats in their adopted place. Are you interested in submitting yours?
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These are the most common questions we receive from potential donors and researchers. If you have further questions, contact us at blogs@xpatarchive.com.
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