Submitting Your Blog

The EAC defines ‘expatriate’ as someone who lives temporarily in a country other than his/her ‘home’ country. To be considered for this project, a blog must meet a few basic criteria:

  • The blog must have content spanning at least two years;
  • The blog must be written in English;
  • The blog must be currently online, though it does not have to be active.

We also assess and select blogs based on the quality of the writing and the relevance of the content to the project. We are interested in blogs with content that centres the daily lives and everyday experiences of expats in their adopted place (e.g. activities, family, challenges and successes, dealing with bureaucracy/healthcare, misadventures, new experiences, contrasts with previous home places, etc.).

Additionally, blogs can discuss or focus on topics adjacent to expatriation, such as repatriation or Third Culture Kids. We are collecting only English-language blogs for testing purposes but hope to expand the scope of languages we include in the future. If you wish to donate material — digital or not — in a language other than English, please read how to donate to the EAC.

If your blog meets the above criteria and you are interested in participating in this project, please download and read the Blog Archiving Agreement to get started. This agreement is an editable PDF with six sections and four annexes:

  • The first section is for the blogger’s contact information.
  • In the second section, blog owners are asked to provide specific details of their blog(s) so we can best store it and categorise it in our database.
  • The third section covers public accessibility and copyright issues.
  • Section four covers ownership, access, copyright and intellectual property rights.
  • Section five introduces the terms and conditions of archive management.
  • If the blog owner has completed the five sections and accept them, the sixth section of the Blog Archive Agreement is for a hand-written signature.
  • Following these sections are Annex I and II, in which bloggers give biographical details and the intellectual property rights of any third parties.
  • Annex III contains the Expatriate Archive Centre mission and objectives.
  • Lastly, the donation privacy statement is in Annex IV.

Send your edited PDF agreement or any requests for more information on this project to