How to Apply

Complete applications should be sent to on or before 30 September 2019. The winner will be announced on 15 January 2020, followed by the promotion of the first-place thesis.

The following criteria will be used to assess submitted theses, the weight of each in percentages: originality and innovation (20%); technical quality (10%); composition (10%); potential for contributing to the stimulation of scholarly (e.g. theoretical, methodological, etc.) perspectives regarding the 2019 Award theme (30%); potential for contributing to the stimulation of practical engagement by policy, industry and/or civil society actors with the 2019 Award theme (30%).


Candidates must submit the following documents in digital (PDF) format:

  • an EAC Thesis Award application form;
  • a written nomination (500 words max.) by the candidate’s master’s thesis supervisor explicitly addressing how the master’s thesis meets the EAC Thesis Award requirements;
  • an executive summary written by the student (750 words max.) that includes how the thesis addresses the year’s competition topic, identifies the thesis’s potential scholarly contributions and practical applications, and highlights what sets the thesis apart from existing studies;
  • the master’s thesis itself.

Before submission, candidates must first ensure their thesis meets the following criteria:

  • The thesis should relate to the year’s announced topic;
  • The thesis is no more than one year old as of 30 September 2019;
  • The thesis is written in English;
  • The thesis has been awarded a mark of 8/10 or more (or equivalent); the thesis assessment criteria are the responsibility of the master’s programmes themselves.

By submitting an application, candidates agree to the following terms:

  • The copyrights of the thesis and thesis executive summary remain with the authors of the thesis and the thesis executive summary;
  • Partner organisations are permitted to feature the entered theses and summaries under the condition that the authors are mentioned. The involved organisations are not allowed to financially profit from the featuring of the theses;
  • The authors of the top five thesis applications each year consent to the EAC keeping a (digital) copy of their thesis to be added to the EAC library;
  • The author(s) of the thesis protects the involved organisations of all claims on violation of copyrights by third parties.

If your application and thesis files are larger than 10MB total, please send the files via

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