InterNations – Connecting Global Minds

17 July 2012 is the world’s leading social network aimed specifically at expatriates. On the platform, more than 500.000 users from all around the world enjoy the perks of networking with other expatriates in a Network of Trust – each member is hand-picked and approved by the website’s staff.

InterNations offers services that go well beyond those of regular social networks, though. Possibilities for getting together and networking abound on and off the platform, with monthly InterNations Events in more than 300 Local Communities across all countries of the world possibly being the most fun way to get to meet other expats. These events can range from cozy get-togethers in nice little restaurants to nights out in the latest hip club in town – the Ambassadors, i.e. volunteers that spearhead each community, cater to every taste. For expats that prefer smaller groups or would like to indulge in their hobbies with like-minded people abroad, the Activity Groups are just the right choice.


Expats are often not only looking for compatriots or fellow global minds, but might also have expat-specific questions and a heightened need for information. Thus, InterNations offers a comprehensive Expat Magazine, covering issues of international living and beyond, and Country Guides with expat-relevant info on moving, living, and working abroad. Furthermore, every Local Community features a forum in which experienced expats answer questions, as well as the Places directory to the Community’s must-see sights, recommended bars and restaurants, and expat resources.

InterNations can thus help global minds and expatriates from all over the globe and all walks of life to make the most of their lives abroad!

As you make the most of the networking and socializing opportunities offered by InterNations, don’t forget that your expat story could be part of social history one day. The Expatriate Archive Centre offers a unique service, preserving memories of your expat life for the future. So, remember to keep your paperwork, invitations, photographs, diaries, tickets and any other reminders of your day-to-day life (in any language). Contact us on or phone (0)70 427 2014 to arrange a free delivery.