Introducing the new EAC Archivist

31 August 2021

I have always been interested in history and I love to read. So it is not surprising I did a professional library and documentation training and much later on in my career a Master in Book History and Digital Cultural Heritage. After working in the library field in all kinds of organisations, I worked in the cultural heritage field and the last years in the archive field. The role of archivist at the EAC brings all my professional training and my interests together.

The most relevant for my work at the EAC is the EU-funded project I worked on when employed at the Consortium of European Research Libraries (CERL). For this Europeana Cloud project, I analysed the content of the Europeana portal, which provided me with an in-depth insight into the collection of this portal and the use of metadata in cultural heritage.

Working at CERL allowed me to collaborate online with all kinds of co-workers: people working at other organisations participating in the projects, as well as librarians and archivists working at CERL’s member organisations. As a keen museum visitor and art lover I also enjoyed working at Het Nieuwe Instituut (Museum for Architecture, Design and Digital Culture) and at the National Maritime Museum helping researchers with their investigations.

In my spare time, I have always done volunteer work and appreciated the work of my fellow volunteers. Ultimately volunteering is always about making the world a better place, if only by making the EAC archives more accessible in this case. I know how I want to be treated as a volunteer and will strive to use that as a model for how to work with the EAC volunteers, because without them our work would not be possible.