«Curated Selves and the Future Archive»

Published: June 21st 2018

by Angelos Stratis  During my internship at the Expatriate Archive Centre, I mainly focused on examining stories of persons living and working away from their country of origin. These stories were primarily documented in forms such as handwritten diaries, photos, scrapbooks or letters. However, nowadays, the ways we document our…

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11 June: Information Morning at the Expatriate Archive Centre

Published: May 24th 2018

The next Expatriate Archive Centre information morning will be held on Monday,11 June 2018 at our premises in The Hague. Whether you’re an expat with a story to tell, looking for volunteering opportunities, researching expatriation, or if you’re simply curious about what we do, you are welcome to attend and…

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Student Workshop: Creative Responses to Archival Material

Published: March 22nd 2018

Alongside the Saudade exhibition at Twelve Twelve Gallery in April, the EAC will host a workshop for students who are interested in working with archival material in new and interesting ways. The workshop will be primarily focusing on the interaction between archives and contemporary art; however, all fields of study…

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Saudade: tentoonstelling bij Twelve Twelve Gallery

Published: February 12th 2018

Met veel genoegen nodigt het Expatriate Archive Centre (EAC) u uit voor de tentoonstelling van het Saudade-project: De deelnemende kunstenaars zijn: Euf Lindeboom, Janne van Gilst, Masaaki Oyamada, Thomas Nondh Jansen, Natalie McIlroy, Carla Wright, Christopher Squier, Kevin Andrew Morris, Monique Prinsloo en Nico Angiuli. Natalie McIlroy, een Schotse die…

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