Tea with National Socialists

Published: December 10th 2019

Simon Taylor is a graduate student of Heritage Studies at the University of Amsterdam and recently finished a six-month internship with the Expatriate Archive Centre. His primary task was to help process the FAWCO collection; the following article is a product of his first-hand experience with the material.   Tea…

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CLOSED: Vacancy — Archival Volunteer

Published: November 20th 2019

Language schools and the persistence of boundaries inside the expatriate community

Published: November 5th 2019

Mathilde Bernard was an intern at the Expatriate Archive Centre from February through April 2019. She recently earned her master’s degree from Erasmus University of Rotterdam in Global History and International Relations. This is her second in a series of articles covering Dutch expatriates living in mid-19th-century Nigeria; read the…

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Seeking Interviewees for Nigeria-focused Research Project

Published: October 23rd 2019

A researcher who has utilised the EAC archives is searching for interviewees for his thesis. David Tallon’s oral history project, titled Oil and Conflict in Nigeria, 1940-2010, investigates all aspects of oil in Nigeria, prioritising the tragic conflict that has for so long been associated with oil. David is looking…

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CLOSED: Volunteer Vacancy — Website Design

Published: October 22nd 2019

The Expatriate Archive Centre (EAC) is the new secretariat for the European Ego-Documents Archives and Collection Network. One of our tasks as secretariat is to maintain the network’s website (www.edac-eu.eu). We are seeking a volunteer for a special project of creating a new version of its website. A new logo…

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