2 September 2010
New Donation from Limburg Family
The Archive was delighted to receive a superb donation this week from the Van den Hove-van Wettum family. This donation consisted of photographs, books,... read more
1 July 2010
Book Presentation of Cherry Denman “Diplomatic incidents, memoirs of an undiplomatic wife”
The Expatriate Archive Centre is delighted to announce that they will purchase Cherry Denman’s first book “Diplomatic incidents, memoirs of an... read more
1 July 2010
Travel Is In the Mind
Did you know that the Expatriate Archive Centre has a varied collection of books, maps and travel guides? Why not pay the archive a visit where you can view... read more
1 July 2010
Key Challenges of Private Archives
One of the key challenges that many private archives in the Netherlands deal with is their position as opposed to governmental archives. In particular, the way... read more
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