2 February 2012
2011 Additions to the Archive
Here are the latest additions to the archive: Maureen Cass (2004-2010) The diary of an Australian, who came to the Netherlands in 2004. During her six year... read more
2 February 2012
Book Review: “The Mission of Detective Mike Moving Abroad”
In the expatriates’ on-the-move life, people often have to deal with all sorts of distressful situations concerning logistical and economic aspects or... read more
13 January 2012
The Archive Newsletter
Dear Friends of the Expatriate Archive Centre, We are nearing the end of the year 2011. It has been a year full of events and growth. We were very privileged... read more
24 November 2011
An Extension to a Donation from an American Teacher
Karen C-U, an American teacher who worked in the in the sixties in the Colegio Americano de Guatemala and thereafter taught at the American School of The Hague... read more
4 October 2011
Latest Contribution: A Volunteer’s Diary
In the world of expatriates, people move around often at short notice. We recently had to say goodbye to one of our valued volunteers, Darin Attard from Malta.... read more
6 July 2011
Open Day 2011
The Expatriate Archive Centre opened its doors on 9th June 2011 to showcase our unique collection of letters, diaries, photographs and films, to raise... read more