8 March 2011
Latest Contribution: Life in Venezuela
We were pleased to receive this account from Graham of life in Venezuela during the 1960’s. Graham Nicholas first went to work in Venezuela in 1965 with... read more
10 February 2011
Book Review: “The Art of Possibilities”
Book review: The Art of Possibilities – Creating our path in an international mobile life The Art of Possibilities aims to turn all challenges that... read more
5 October 2010
The Ultimate Expat – Alfons Vermeulen Congo 1898-1929
As an expat you probably work in a comfortable air-conditioned office. Your colleagues are likely to be civilised, nice people with whom you enjoy drinking... read more
30 September 2010
A Journey to Japan Has Become a Historical Document
This may sound familiar to you…where should I go next, what’s the next step in my career? Thinking of working abroad? First, research your... read more
2 September 2010
New Donation from Limburg Family
The Archive was delighted to receive a superb donation this week from the Van den Hove-van Wettum family. This donation consisted of photographs, books,... read more
1 July 2010
Book Presentation of Cherry Denman “Diplomatic incidents, memoirs of an undiplomatic wife”
The Expatriate Archive Centre is delighted to announce that they will purchase Cherry Denman’s first book “Diplomatic incidents, memoirs of an... read more