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In today’s globalised world, how can expats maintain a sense of belonging? Moving from country to country can bring great benefits, but it can also place pressures on individuals, couples and families and can sometimes lead to feelings of rootlessness and restlessness.

Preserving the stories of expat workers and their families provides several benefits. It gives those who donate their collection a sense of permanence, of putting down an anchor in a vast ocean, even as they move from place to place. It records the challenges also faced by spouses and families as they adjust to an unfamiliar country, acknowledging their hard work and providing researchers with a fuller picture of the effects of relocation.

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You can arrange a tailor-made talk, workshop or presentation at your location. Small-group visits to the archive itself are also possible. Please contact us at

Organisational Archives

We also collect material from organisations dealing with expatriate affairs, established by expats for expats.

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