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We promote the study of expatriate life from a wide range of perspectives. Our definition of ‘expatriate’ is anyone who lives temporarily in a country other than their ‘home’ country.

Our collection holds expat life stories in the forms of diaries, letters, documents, photographs and more. These materials can be used for qualitative and quantitative research. We are in the process of adding a collection of academia as well as a digital blog archive. Because of the confidentiality extended to our donors, research of our physical collection must be done on our premises. Read our Collecting Policy.

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Available Material

We collect documents about the lives of people far away from home. The collection includes over 130 family archives dating back to the late 19th century.
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Research Possibilities

Our collection offers unique possibilities to study expatriate experiences from a range of perspectives. See examples of how researchers have used the material in our archive for their own projects.
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Other Resources

Information about expatriate life and social history from elsewhere.
Academic journals and related literatureOther aids and archival sources

Research With Us

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Because of changing COVID-19 measures, it may take us up to two working weeks to reply to you. Depending on current measures, the staff may not be allowed on the EAC premises to process your request. We appreciate your understanding.

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