Research Possibilities

Research Topics

The sources at the EAC offer unique possibilities to study expatriate experiences from a wide range of perspectives on themes such as:
  • Expatriate observations and representations of other cultures;
  • Forms of communication, from letters to blogs;
  • Multilingualism in expatriate life writings;
  • Social life, identity formation and constructions of ‘home’;
  • Expatriate dealings with emotions like loneliness and homesickness;
  • Partners’ roles in making a family life abroad;
  • Expat children (e.g. third culture kids/TCKs, cross-culture kids).
Our collection may be of use to those who are doing research into social history, psychology, genealogy, the social and/or emotional impact of expatriate life, the cultural or political changes of specific places or countries over the years, and much more. Regardless of the topic, the conclusions of any research conducted at the EAC belong to the researcher alone.
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Research Examples

Some examples of research that have utilised our collection: