Support the EAC’s 10th Anniversary

25 January 2018

Saudade . . . it’s a word the Portuguese use to describe longing for something absent and beloved. For the people whose stories are recorded in the Expatriate Archive Centre (EAC), often that absent and beloved thing is home. In 2018, the Expatriate Archive Centre (EAC) celebrates its 10th anniversary as an independent foundation, collecting the stories of expats worldwide.

To mark this milestone the EAC is launching Saudade, an art project that will showcase collections that have been acquired by the EAC during the past 10 years. Ten artists (five living in The Hague and five abroad) have each created a piece of art that is inspired by items in the EAC’s collection. All ten art pieces fit in an antique suitcase donated by one of the EAC’s founders. The suitcase symbolises the many journeys taken by the materials in our archive, as well as their expatriate creators. It is a reminder of the precious things–both tangible and intangible–that expats take with them when they move to a new place.

As part of the project, the EAC is publishing a book, due for release in conjunction with the opening of Saudade in April 2018. Saudade will be on public display at TwelveTwelve Gallery in The Hague from April 11-15, 2018, and will then go on tour. If your organisation is interested in sponsoring Saudade, please contact

The Saudade project is still actively fundraising. If you would like to help Saudade financially, you can contribute using this information:

Stichting Expatriate
Subject Line: 10th Anniversary + your email address
IBAN: NL71ABNA0404476090

To find out more about the Saudade project and read the words of the artists about their individual artistic journeys, visit the Saudade website.