EAC 10th Anniversary: Saudade

The EAC celebrated its 10th anniversary as an independent foundation in 2018 with an art exhibition. Ten artists from around the world each chose something from the collection as inspiration for an art piece. All of the resulting art fits together into an antique suitcase.

See our brochure if you are interested in bringing this exhibition to your location. The entire Saudade project is documented in a beautiful book, available for purchase.

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If you missed the Saudade official opening at Twelve Twelve gallery, you can find it on tour in the following locations:

Boekhandel Dominicanen, 1-31 August 2018

Stadsarchief Rotterdam (Rotterdam City Archives), 27 September – 13 December 2018

The Hague City Hall, 18 March – 13 May 2019

To learn more about hosting Saudade in your gallery space, email director@xpatarchive.com.