Volunteer With Us

Volunteers are vital to the work that we do. Our volunteers work in a range of different roles and on various projects depending on their background and skills. Our archive is an international working environment with volunteers from many different countries. English is the working language of the archive.

Who are our volunteers?

We usually work with between 15 to 25 volunteers at any one time. Our volunteers come from all over the world, from diverse backgrounds and from various age groups. Many of them are expats or repats.


We ask for enthusiasm, an inquisitive mind, computer literacy and interest in history. Volunteers are expected to work a minimum of 1 day a week. English is the working language of the archive. Our volunteers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but having skills or experience in archival studies, library studies, PR or social media is certainly a plus.


Our office hours are Monday-Thursday 10.00-16.00. Most volunteers contribute one or two days per week. We ask for a minimum commitment of 1 day per week at the archive over a period of at least six months, although specific shorter term projects are possible.

Why Should I Volunteer?

The atmosphere at the Expatriate Archive Centre is relaxed but busy, international, and friendly. The staff have great respect for the hard work and enthusiasm of the volunteers. We offer the opportunity to join a professional team, make a valuable contribution, receive training suitable for the role and opportunities to develop new skills.
Here are some quotes from past volunteers:
“I can put my skills to work, the team is very good and so is the challenge of building a database for such important information. Seeing all the contributions people make and allowing them to be preserved, remembered and accessible is fulfilling.” – Lara
“From the very beginning I got the feeling that what I was doing was recognized and of value for the archive.” – Yun
“The staff are friendly and approachable, always happy to answer questions when we have them and they are always keeping an eye on what we are doing. I have learnt about archiving and the process behind it.” – Sarah
“The working atmosphere is relaxed and makes you feel welcome.” – Fani


We offer opportunities for internships, ideally combined with a research project. To find out more, please contact us.

How To Apply

If you would like to be considered for a volunteer role with the Expatriate Archive Centre, send your CV and a letter of motivation to welcome@xpatarchive.com.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions about volunteering with us.

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