Book Presentation of Cherry Denman “Diplomatic incidents, memoirs of an undiplomatic wife”

1 July 2010

The Expatriate Archive Centre is delighted to announce that they will purchase Cherry Denman’s first book “Diplomatic incidents, memoirs of an undiplomatic wife” during the presentation that will take place on May 29, 2010 at the Pulchri studio in The Hague.

This book represents the many real-life stories that are stored at the Expatriate Archive Centre about life on the move.

At the presentation, Cherry Denman will read from her book, and will be interviewed by Jo Parfitt, the well known British writer who is associated with the Archive Centre for her life-story writing workshops. The first book will be presented to Mrs Tricia Holland, wife of the British ambassador to The Netherlands. Copies of the book will be on sale after the presentation in Pulchri. The book will be stocked by the American Book Centre.
Admission to the book presentation is free, but only guests who have booked in advance by mail will be admitted.