Book Review: “The Art of Possibilities”

10 February 2011

Book review: The Art of Possibilities – Creating our path in an international mobile life

The Art of Possibilities aims to turn all challenges that people might encounter during their life “on the move” into a new opportunity and not be overwhelmed. Chapter after chapter the author leads the reader into a very personal journey, guiding them step by step in an unusual and creative way. Through a simple artistic process that doesn’t require any art talent, the readers will be able to get all their frustrations, passions, dreams, and strengths to the surface. This newly acquired awareness will then give the readers the possibility to take their life into their hands and get the most out of it.


“The Art of Possibilities” is a brilliant book. After having seen lots of publications on the same topic, I think that Natalie really teaches us a unique way of dealing with our expat issues, and to a larger extent deal with all the personal changes that might occur in our lives. The exercises called “creative reflections” suggested by Natalie at the end of each chapter do have a healing effect on our out-of-balance life, and lead us in our journey towards a happy and satisfactory expatriation experience. Moreover, the book stimulates our creativity in an easy and rewarding way, and surely represents an opportunity for setting some time apart and taking a break from our hectic daily lives.

About the author

Natalie Tollenaere is a Belgian life coach specializing in services for globally mobile families. She has been an expatriate herself, lived in seven countries since 1987 and has an artistic background. Natalie has been able to successfully join her creative life and life experience together with her professional training. Over the years she has specialized in offering art-expression classes to accompanying spouses and third-culture kids (TCKs) in order to help them cope with their expat life. The idea of writing “The Art of Possibilities” comes from the workshops, which Natalie has been offering in the expatriates’ communities of different countries around the world. The book embodies Natalie’s professional motto of “the art of coaching through art”.

Author: Natalie Tollenaere

Book Review by Patrizia Bazzoni