Call for Material for New Exhibition ‘Expat History of The Hague’

10 February 2015

ACCESS and the Expatriate Archive Centre (EAC) are looking for material that could be used for an exhibition provisionally entitled “Expat History of The Hague”. This exhibition will take place from 26 October until 14 November 2015 in the City Hall of The Hague and will be bilingual (in English and Dutch). Our aim is to show The Hague as seen through the eyes of expats who call, or once called, this city home.


Requirements: We are looking for excerpts from letters, diaries, blogs, emails etc., describing your impressions of The Hague as an expat. Photos supporting your impressions are most welcome. We are particularly interested in pieces that are 25 years or older. You can submit materials in English or Dutch.

Submission deadline: 31 March 2015. All submissions should be sent to with a subject line mentioning “Expat History of The Hague”.

Selection: The EAC and ACCESS will go through the submissions and will notify the selected candidates.

For more information please read the related article or get in touch with us via

Disclaimer: All submissions will be collected and appraised by the Expatriate Archive Centre. By submitting, you grant the Expatriate Archive Centre the right to select and use your images or text for the exhibition or for any other related purpose, including promotion of the exhibition. If your submission is selected to be used in the exhibition, you agree to the future retention of the material by the Expatriate Archive Centre and grant them the right to use it for any future purposes including academic research.