EAC Book of the Week – The Expatriates

27 February 2017

Each week our librarian selects a book from the our library to highlight. Volunteers, interns, and researchers at the EAC have access to the library, but we also share the book here for friends of the EAC who live abroad.



Christina Barton.

The expatriates: Frances Hodgkins; The expatriates: Barrie Bates / Adam Art Gallery, Wellington, 2005.
Useful info: The book was published on the occasion of the exhibition The expatriates: Frances Hodgkins and Barrie Bates that took place at the Adam Art Gallery , at Wellington NZ, from 22 October 2004 to 5 February 2005 .


And…what about this book?

It tells about the parallel experiences of two expatriate artists, Frances Hodgkins (1869-1947) and Barrie Bates (1935- ) (better known as Billy Apple).

It ‘traces the movements of [those] two individuals who left New Zealand at two different moments in the 20th century, to establish themselves as modern artists’ in the United Kingdom.

Those two artists are ‘representatives of a far larger phenomenon that has seen many artists leave the country, either permanently or for extended periods. This project postulates expatriatism as a perennial feature of New Zealand art history’.


Main subjects/keywords:
Expatriate artists
Great Britain
New Zealand