‘Expat Impressions of The Hague’ Needs A New Home

18 April 2019

After four successful years, the Expatriate Archive Centre (EAC) is searching for a new home for its interactive exhibit ‘Expat Impressions of The Hague’ following its recent appearance in The Hague City Hall. Unfortunately, if we cannot find a new location for the exhibit, it will be destroyed.

Having the exhibition at your location is a perfect way to showcase the beauty of The Hague to your staff, clients, visitors, and others. Those who are expats themselves will relate to the amusing and poignant anecdotes about discovering the city. Native residents of The Hague will have an opportunity to see their city through fresh eyes and relate a little better to the many internationals who call it home.

‘Expat Impressions’ showcases visual content as well as stories, letters, articles, and journals written by expatriates, providing a rich picture of what it has been like to live in The Hague from the 1950s to the present. It is fully bilingual, with Dutch and English presented side by side. The minimum floor space required to display the exhibition is approximately 12 sq. meters.

The exhibition is topically focused, with each side of a board presenting a different facet of daily life in The Hague. Themes covered are:

  • Housing
  • Nature
  • Interaction with the Locals
  • Transport
  • Customs and Socialising
  • Food and Drink
  • Beach



The exhibition also includes an interactive component: observers are invited to (anonymously) write their impressions of The Hague on the provided Delft blue postcards and ‘post’ them in the vintage post box to be archived at the EAC, for future expansion of the exhibition, and PR initiatives.

Whether your organisation seeks to build bridges between local and international communities, introduce the city to international clients and visitors, or to display a beautiful and interesting focal piece, having ‘Expat Impressions of The Hague’ at your location may be a perfect way to highlight your intentions and will also preserve this unique way of showcasing local history. Transportation would be the only cost incurred.

To learn more, visit www.xpatarchive.com, email welcome@xpatarchive.com, or call (0)70 427 2014.