Farewell to EAC PR & Marketing Manager Peta Chow

30 July 2015

The Expatriate Archive Centre (EAC) has just said goodbye to Peta Chow, our PR & Marketing Manager. Peta has been with the EAC since she began volunteering here in 2011. Her initial focus was on archival work, but her web and PR skills soon become evident, and she began working to improve the EAC’s social media profile. She started officially as the PR & Marketing Manager in 2012.


Some important highlights of her tenure at the EAC include redesigning the website (not once, but twice!) as well as developing a social media strategy for the EAC. She was also heavily involved in promoting and organising the 2013 academic Symposium hosted by the EAC on the topic of “The Expatriate Experience: Past and Present.”

One of her best memories from her time at the EAC is of addressing the Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas at their Conference in Brussels in 2014. She also loves the opportunities to speak to people about the concept of the EAC and seeing the “lightbulb moment” when they change their opinion about the work done here.

The EAC, including volunteers, board members, and staff members past and present, celebrated Peta’s work with an afternoon party in the garden, where she was presented with a vase decorated with windmills to help her remember her time here in the Netherlands and at the EAC.


Peta will be relocating to Norway, and looks back fondly on her time working in the friendly and international environment of the EAC, and the fantastic volunteers who do so much. Those who have worked with Peta will miss her friendly, happy personality, her amazing IT skills, and the way she has truly made the role of PR & Marketing Manager of the EAC her own.

Welcoming Sarah Bringhurst Familia

As we wish Peta all the best in her new adventures, we also want to welcome our new PR & Marketing Manager, Sarah Bringhurst Familia. Originally from the United States, Sarah has also lived in Italy, Chile, and Tunisia. She holds a degree in Near Eastern Studies, and her professional background is in marketing and content development. She is thrilled to join the diverse and welcoming team at the EAC. Welcome to the EAC, Sarah!