Join Us at History of The Hague Day

21 March 2016

As part of History of The Hague Day, the Expatriate Archive Centre (EAC) will be hosting a special presentation about our history. Join us for coffee, biscuits, and a chance to get to know the EAC from the inside.

When: Saturday, April 16th, 2016

Where: The Expatriate Archive Centre (Paramaribostraat 20, The Hague)

Time: 14:30


On Saturday, April 16th, 2016, join us for The Hague’s yearly historical party, History of The Hague Day. Just like last year, as well as our special afternoon presentation at the EAC, we will have a booth on the Plein all day.

History Day of The Hague07

As well as visiting our booth, check out the rest of the booths. The participating historical institutions and societies have developed all kinds of events and activities around this year’s theme, For Better or Worse, to highlight the history of The Hague in an accessible way. For instance, visitors can declare their love for each other in the special ‘In(des) Love Chapel’ at the magnificent Hotel Des Indes.

Activities at Museums and Other Venues

For another activity, join one of the ‘speed tours’ that are organized throughout the day by artist’s society Pulchri Studio, also on Lange Voorhout. At the Haags Historisch Museum (Historical Museum of The Hague) there’s loads of post-war fun to be had with activities on the subject of leisure time in the fifties and sixties, rock & roll, beehives and butterfly spectacles. The Museum’s stall on the Plein will feature a nostalgic silent disco to get you in the right mood. Of course, more serious activities are also on offer. The Vereniging Vrienden van de Witt (Friends of De Witt Society) will be offering guided tours through the 17th-century royal quarter, and it’s also possible to visit the Dutch Senate. Visitors are even allowed to climb the Mauritstoren (Maurits Tower), part of the original ducal castle at Binnenhof, where they can walk in the footsteps of Maurits, stadtholder of Holland.

Interesting Tours of The Hague

One of the most enjoyable possibilities is of course a tour through The Hague with an experienced guide, and this year there is a wide range of tours to choose from. Go on a boat trip to discover the Buurtschap 2005 neighbourhood with Ooievaart or Willemsvaart, or cycle along with René Bom, The Hague’s ‘night mayor’, who will lure you into the city’s more shady neighbourhoods while speaking in a broad The Hague accent. The Bus Museum of The Hague provides a number of beautiful vintage busses for short rides and also allows the Tong Tong Foundation to use one for a tour past Dutch East Indian heritage in The Hague. ‘Tante Lien’, a fictional Dutch East Indian character developed by singer and actress Wieteke van Dort, once described this heritage in the song Arm Den Haag, de weduwe van Indië ben jij (Poor The Hague, you are the widow of the Dutch East Indies). Gilde Den Haag (The Hague Guild) offers some beautiful city walks and the Filmatelier (Film workshop) located on Herenstraat 8A presents hourly talks on the history of the cinemas of The Hague.

Workshops and Fun for Children at the Plein

The festival grounds at the Plein offer a great number of children’s activities; Baroness Hop unveils the secret of the famous The Hague candy and supervises a workshop in making heart-shaped ‘Haagse hopjes’. The National Archive shows us the best ways to fold a love letter and allows children to design booklets and decorate their own unique little bags. Go on a treasure hunt, find the key word and search for a present in the lucky dip located at the Library’s stall. There is a carousel and of course there are always some tasty snacks available for our young visitors. Finally, visit the special Hot Shots Photobooth, have your photo taken with your entire family and take this beautiful memory of History of The Hague Day 2016 home with you.

Special Presentation at the Expatriate Archive Centre

Last but not least, as part of the festivities the Expatriate Archive Centre (EAC) will be opening its doors for a special presentation about its history. Join us at 14:30 for your chance to get to know the EAC a little better.

For more information about History of The Hague Day, visit the event website: