New Additions to our Expat Library: Donation from Jo Parfitt

14 August 2013

To complement our expanding collection of expat experiences from around the world, we also hold a library of supplementary material including expat guides, memoirs, photo books, poetry and more. We also stock expat-related periodicals and audio-visual material.

Our library received a boost recently from a generous donation by Jo Parfitt. Jo is well-known in the expat community for her writing workshops and for Summertime Publishing, which specialises in books about living abroad written by expats and nomads.


Some of the books donated include (chosen at random):

  • Portable roots – voices of expatriate wives by Enid Gordon & Morwenna Jones
  • What About Your Saucepans by Lindsay de Feliz
  • Women’s Guide to Overseas Living by Nancy J. Piet-Pelon & Barbara Hornby
  • Fly Away Home by Maggie Myklebust
  • The Emotionally Resilient Expat by Linda A. Janssen
  • Families on the move by Marion Knell
  • Postcards from across the pond by Michael Harling
  • No Going Back by Martin Kirby
  • Planter’s Tales by Mahbob Abdullah
  • The Globalisation of Love by Wendy Williams
  • Black and A(broad) by Carolyn Vines
  • GenXpat by Margaret Malewski

This is just a small selection of the 80+ books kindly donated by Jo Parfitt, along with copies of her own work on portable careers, A Career in Your Suitcase.

If you would like to visit our library, please get in touch. We are located at Paramaribostraat 20, 2585 GN The Hague. Our opening hours are Monday – Thursday from 10am until 4pm.