New Collection: An American in Berlin

19 July 2012

We have a new contribution to our Archive from Will Tanner, who left the US temporarily to live in Berlin in 2009.

Will travelled during his short time in Berlin to Krakow, Prague, Israel, Budapest and Amsterdam. The photograph included here was taken in Jerusalem. He is a keen photographer, and has included as part of his donation an extensive collection of his holiday photos as well as pictures taken in Berlin.

Will also kept a journal of his travels and his time in Berlin, which is accompanied by DVDs, emails, registration documents, tickets and other papers collected on his journeys.

Will Tanner

Original materials like these are valuable to us, and are useful to researchers – so we are always happy to see that someone has donated them for us to preserve in our Archive. Very often, such documents end up gathering dust somewhere or are thrown away during a move – so please remember to keep your expat paperwork. We can ensure that they are stored properly for the future.

If you would like to contribute your expat story to our Archive, please contact us on +31 (0)70 427 2014 or email We welcome materials in all languages, and can arrange a free pickup from wherever you are.