Seeking Interviewees for Nigeria-focused Research Project

23 October 2019

A researcher who has utilised the EAC archives is searching for interviewees for his thesis. David Tallon’s oral history project, titled Oil and Conflict in Nigeria, 1940-2010, investigates all aspects of oil in Nigeria, prioritising the tragic conflict that has for so long been associated with oil. David is looking for anyone who has a personal view of the history of Nigerian oil, and the impact it has had.

The project website explains the interviewing process and other pertinent information, including how to contact David.

Image from the EAC archives

David is currently undertaking a PhD for the History Department of Reading University. He previously worked as an engineer and manager for a number of oil companies, including many years as an expat with his family, although his own work in Nigeria was unaccompanied. David has encountered a lack of comprehensive first-hand independent historical accounts from those with direct experience and understanding of how and why oil was developed in Nigeria, along with the intended and unintended impact it has had on everyone involved. To fill this gap in research, David is hoping to interview politicians, human rights groups, oil company personnel, multi-disciplinary academic experts, local residents, officials, expatriates, technicians, security personnel, journalists and many others.

Up to 200 interviews over a 4-year period are anticipated. Phase one is running from mid-2019 to mid-2021. Phase two may overlap with phase one and is planned to start late 2020 and run for two years. The interviews, lasting up to two hours, will ideally be conducted face-to-face; however, telephone or video interviews are also possible.