The EAC Celebrates Dual Exhibitions in The Hague

1 April 2019

For the first time in the Expatriate Archive Centre (EAC) history, two of its exhibitions are showcased in one place. Expat Impressions of The Hague is the first EAC exhibition from 2015 and Saudade is an exhibit exploring the intersection of art and archives that marked the EAC’s 10th anniversary as an independent organisation in 2018. Be sure to visit The Hague City Hall from 18 March through 13 May 2019 to see them together!

Expat Impressions of The Hague is a partnership of the EAC, The Hague Municipal Archives, and ACCESS Netherlands. The exhibition consists of photographs and writings from the EAC collection as well as from some local organisations. From the 1950s through the present, the exhibition showcases visual content as well as stories, letters, articles, and journals written by expatriates, providing a rich picture of what it has been like to live in The Hague during the past several decades. Expat Impressions invites observers to interact by answering a question about their own impressions of The Hague. Perhaps you will see your reflection shared on EAC social media!

The Saudade project celebrates the 10th anniversary of the EAC as an independent foundation and its mission to preserve the life stories of expats, who leave home, family, and everything they know behind. Ten artists from around the world came together to gather inspiration from the EAC’s collection and created art pieces that fit in an antique suitcase donated by one of the founders of the EAC. The suitcase symbolises the many journeys taken by the materials in our archive, as well as their expatriate creators. It is a reminder of the precious things — both tangible and intangible — that expats take with them when they move to a new place. The exhibit is accompanied by a book with passages and photographs from each of the artists, the curator, and other EAC supporters. The Saudade project was made possible with generous support of the Mondriaan Fonds.

The two exhibitions are both distinct and connected and are of interest to both expatriate and locals. They invite observers not just to read, but to feel and participate.

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