The Story Continues: Expanding Collections

12 June 2012

We understand that expats often live in a changing world, moving on from place-to-place. If you decide to donate your expat story to us, you don’t need to worry that your story isn’t over yet! We are happy to receive additions or further finds.

This is exactly what happened this week. Anthropologist Ellettha Schoustra-van Beukering had already donated a sizable collection of photos and documents about her life in South Africa, Bangladesh, Singapore, Oman, Brunei, and the Czech Republic. She recently discovered more material relating to her years in Oman in the 1980s, and sent them to us.


Her original donation included the picture shown here, which shows her learning to use a water pump in Bangladesh in 1970.

The new additions include magazines containing articles that she had written, as well as the original source materials that she used to research these pieces.

So, if your collection is scattered around the house or in storage, send us what you can already find. You can always add to it later on.