Travel Is In the Mind

1 July 2010

Did you know that the Expatriate Archive Centre has a varied collection of books, maps and travel guides? Why not pay the archive a visit where you can view our collection.

We received a new book this week called Expat: Women’s True Tales of Life Abroad by Christina Henry de Tessan

This is a collection of diverse stories written by women who have travelled in many parts of the world. Many stories are inspiring in their depiction of the challenges overcome when one is living far from home.

Often both language and culture can be the issue as in the case of Angeli Primlani, an American from a small town in the American South who travels to Prague and is astonished to find that the Czech language is quite incomprehensible to her.

Leza Lowitz teaching American Literature to Japanese students finds them friendly and open but confused by her teaching methods as open discussion is not common in the Japanese Education system.

These and many other personal accounts in the book make it clear that travel is in the mind as much as it is a physical act of removal from one place to another. These stories truly open one up to the many aspects of life one encounters as a traveller.