Updated on 23 Nov.: EAC operations during the pandemic

23 November 2020

During this year of great change, we have been sharing updates about our operations and initiatives on our social media. As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread, it has become clear that guidelines in the Netherlands and other countries will continue to adapt to changing situations. This page will be where we keep rolling updates about our work hours, presence in the office, and who may or may not visit the archive. Please email us at welcome@xpatarchive.com if you have any questions.



Staff is not allowed on the EAC premises unless it is strictly necessary. The office remains closed to researchers and volunteers at this time. Please email welcome@xpatarchive.com for any questions or clarifications.


Following the Dutch government’s further measures announced on 3 November 2020, the EAC premises will be fully closed. This means that as of 5 November 2020, no staff member is allowed at the EAC. The staff and volunteers will continue to work from home only.



Since the Netherlands witnessed a rapid increase in COVID-19 cases, on 28 September 2020, the Dutch government introduced new measures. As a result, the EAC decided to limit access to its premises strictly. As of 28 September, no researchers are allowed at the EAC.

The staff continues working from home and spending one day at the office. Volunteers will continue working from home for the foreseeable future.


18 MAY – 28 SEPTEMBER 2020

In line with the measures announced by the Dutch government, the EAC staff – as a matter of principle – continued to work from home. However, after two months of absence certain work-related activities required the physical presence of staff on the premises. Taking into account the EAC office configuration and cleaning requirements, it is very hard to ensure the 1,5m distance requirement for multiple people at once. Therefore, we agreed that only one staff member could be present at any given time on the EAC premises.

The office stayed closed for all volunteers. Zoom facilities were used when necessary for interaction with volunteers.

The only exception was researchers. The EAC allowed one researcher at once on the EAC premises. New COVID-19 procedures and guidelines were created for the staff and researchers. When possible, the EAC staff had to make sure that necessary archival material was prepared for a researcher prior to his/her visit.


13 MARCH – 17 MAY 2020

On 13 March 2020 – following the Dutch government’s guidelines and in close consultation with the Chairman of the EAC Board – the Director informed its volunteers and interns that EAC premises would be temporarily closed.

EAC staff agreed to work from home. Except for three archival volunteers, all other archival volunteers and archival interns could not continue their work remotely since they need to be at the EAC premises to be able to continue their work (paper archives). PR volunteers and PR interns, given the type of their work, agreed to continue to work from home under the supervision of PR Manager.