Visit Saudade at Twelve Twelve Gallery

5 February 2018

The Expatriate Archive Centre (EAC) is pleased to announce the Saudade project exhibition:

The participating artists are: Euf Lindeboom, Janne van Gilst, Masaaki Oyamada, Thomas Nondh Jansen, Natalie McIlroy, Carla Wright, Christopher Squier, Kevin Andrew Morris, Monique Prinsloo en Nico Angiuli. Natalie McIlroy, a Scottish artist based in The Hague, is the curator of the project.

The exhibition will run from 11th-15th April 2018 at Twelve Twelve Gallery, Prinsestraat 53 in The Hague:

Wednesday 11 April: 11AM–6PM
Thursday 12 April: 11AM–6PM
Friday 13 April: 11AM–6PM
Saturday 14 April: 11AM–6PM
Sunday 15 April: 12PM-5PM

Saudade is a Portuguese word evoking nostalgia for someone or something absent and beloved. The Saudade project celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Expatriate Archive Centre as an independent foundation and its mission to preserve the life stories of expats, who leave home, family, and everything they know behind. 10 artists from around the world have come together to gather inspiration from the EAC’s collection and create art pieces that will fit in an antique suitcase donated by one of the founders of the EAC.

We look forward to seeing you there! If your organisation is interested in hosting a future exhibition of the Saudade project, please contact the EAC at

Many thanks to Mondriaan Fonds and Twelve Twelve Gallery, without whom the Saudade Project would not be possible.